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Designing a Research with Profound Practical Impact

Date & Time:

September 27, 2016 (Tue) | 1:00 - 2:00 p.m.


Room P6-03, Graduate House


Dr Samuel K.W. CHU
Head of Division of Information and Technology StudiesFaculty of Education

Dr Samuel K.W. CHU received the Faculty Knowledge Exchange (KE) Award 2016 of the Faculty of Education for the project 'Reading Battle: Enhancing Students' Reading Interest and Ability with a Gamified, Self-paced, Interactive Children Literature e-Quiz Platform'.



Based on his knowledge and expertise in information and library science, computer and design science, e-learning and psychology, Dr Samuel Chu has created an e-quiz platform, Reading Battle (RB), which is highly effective in boosting primary students’ reading interest and motivation, as well as strengthening their reading comprehension ability in both Chinese and English. As a deliverable of a Quality Education Fund project (HK$2,846,000), RB has benefitted over 6,000 students from 50 schools/libraries in Hong Kong, Taiwan, mainland China, and the US.

The platform is unique in its application of game mechanics and content, with 4 kinds of questions (fact finding, integration of ideas, drawing inferences, and evaluation) specifically designed for each book, according to the standard of the international reading ability test, PIRLS. The 4 question types also map to Bloom’s Taxonomy, which classifies the spectrum of educational learning domains into 6 levels.

In addition to the well-designed questions that tap into students’ comprehension ability, another key element that contributed to the success of RB is the utilization of gamification principles, which successfully turned something usually considered by students as boring and dreadful (reading quizzes) into an exciting and rewarding experience (visually attractive and challenging reading comprehension "games").

In this seminar, Dr Chu will share how he has worked with frontline practitioners in schools to conceptualize the project, and how he has collaborated with researchers from various disciplines, professional game designers and programmers to transform his ideas and expertise into a highly practical research that has impacted thousands of students.

About the Speaker:

Dr Samuel Chu is the Associate Professor and Head of the Division of Information Technology Studies, as well as the Deputy Director of the Centre for Information Technology in Education in the Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong. He has published over 240 articles and books including key journals in the area of IT in education, information and library science, school librarianship, academic librarianship and knowledge management. His research interests include game-based learning and gamification in education, which led to his creation of Reading Battle, an awarding winning e-quiz platform that has helped many students in HK, Taiwan and US to develop comprehension and writing abilities effectively. Dr Chu is the Managing Editor for Journal of Information & Knowledge Management and was the Associate Editor for Online Information Review: The International Journal of Digital Information Research and Use (2012-16). He was involved in over 50 research/project grants with a total funding of more than US$6 million. He received his Faculty's Outstanding Researcher Award in 2013 and his faculty's Knowledge Exchange Award in 2016. He is ranked as the top 66th author in the world regarding his publications in library and information science (DOI 10.1007/s11192-014-1519-9).

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