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Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure for Knowledge Exchange (KE)

The University has a well defined internal structure to support and enhance knowledge exchange (KE) activities across all disciplines.

Organizational Structure for Knowledge Exchange (KE)

KE Executive Group

At the management level, the Executive Group comprising the following members oversees strategic developments in KE across the whole institution:


  • Professor Max Shen, Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research), Acting Director of Knowledge Exchange Office

Deputy Chairman



  • Dr Tiffany Ying, Assistant Director of Knowledge Exchange Office, Assistant Registrar

KE Working Group

The KE Working Group, comprising the Executive Group members and the following representatives from Faculties and non-Faculty-based units, is responsible for co-ordinating the implementation of strategic KE initiatives:

KE Network

To effectively promote KE, a KE Network has been formed, which is expected to grow over time to include all colleagues interested in KE. Colleagues are welcome to contact the Knowledge Exchange Office if they would like to join the KE Network.

KE Office

Knowledge Exchange (KE), together with Teaching and Research, form the three pillars that underpin all the activities of HKU.

The Knowledge Exchange Office (KEO) supports the development of a long-term strategy for KE and research impact at the institutional level.

In promoting interdisciplinary collaboration encompasses all disciplines, KEO engages with Faculties, Government and diverse external stakeholders from different sectors, both locally and globally.  

KEO is poised to embark on new developments that will bring HKU’s KE to the next level. We are committed to strengthen our KE and research impact by driving new initiatives, implementing KE strategies, building stronger partnerships network, and enhancing greater impact to the society.