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Far and Wide

Since its official opening in March 1912, HKU has been the pride of the Hong Kong society, and has as one of its core values the responsibility to enrich the community with the expertise and discoveries of its world-class academics. In the real sense of knowledge exchange, the University enjoys close interaction with the community, and proactively seeks to learn from different sectors of our society to understand how best to meet their needs.

Community Engagement Activities

Our faculty members are keen to share their knowledge and skills with the community. The breadth of knowledge exchange activities involving the community reflects the intricate and dynamic relationship the University has with the people of Hong Kong and also the region, and the list is never exhaustive:

  • providing services to the public relating to those professional disciplines offered by the University
  • organizing awareness-raising programmes and forums on various complex issues facing our society
  • transferring knowledge and skills to help rebuild disaster-stricken areas in the region
  • promoting arts appreciation
  • enriching the knowledge base of our society through public lectures and media channels
  • working with schools to enrich students' learning experience

The University's calendar is packed with events organized for the general public for the purpose of knowledge exchange, such as public lectures, exhibitions, concerts, performances, and book talks, etc. Visit the HKU Events for the Now Showing and Coming Soon.

External Advisory Committees

The advice and expertise of our academics are highly sought after not only by professional bodies, but also by public and other organizations for their advisory committees. Our faculty members have, through the years, had a remarkable influence on policy changes and advancement of their professions and the society. Information on our academic staff members' participation in external advisory committees can be searched on the HKU Scholars Hub.

Media Contact 

Media professionals also recognise HKU's research excellence and commitment to knowledge exchange, so they very often turn to our faculty members for expert advice. Members of the media can look up contact information of the University's staff members by Faculty or area of specialization from the Media Contact Directory or on the HKU Scholars Hub.

Knowledge Access

Our Faculties strive to make knowledge accessible to all through various channels.  Take the rich resources available at our Knowledge Links and the following websites:

Welcome to Our Campus

The University's main campus is not only a landmark on Hong Kong island, but also the hub of knowledge and creativity for both locals and visitors from abroad. The major knowledge exchange organs of the University that are open to the public all year round warmly welcome all visitors.  They include:

Visit HKU will take you through HKU's history and campus.

Continuing Professional Development

The University of Hong Kong, as a leading international institution of higher learning in Asia, takes great pride in the high quality of its teaching. In addition to undergraduate and research postgraduate education, the University, as a quality educator, naturally takes a keen interest in the educational needs of the community beyond our campus. There is growing demand for lifelong learning as people seek to keep up with new knowledge, upgrade qualifications or pursue new interests. Recognizing the need to continuously empower people with updated knowledge, HKU provides numerous opportunities for continuing professional development.

Taught Postgraduate Programmes

Our Faculties offer a wide range of full-time and part-time taught postgraduate programmes. Details of the individual programmes are given in the Postgraduate Prospectus published every year. Visit the Postgraduate Studies website for more information.

Short Courses

In addition, our Faculties and Departments offer a large number of short courses tailored to meet the specific needs of business, industry or continuing professional development. Academics in professional disciplines also organize many workshops for in-service professionals. Short courses and workshops are publicized on the websites of individual Faculties and Departments.

Other Continuing Education Opportunities

Continuing Education programmes are also offered by: